Emily Temple-Wood

Emily Temple-Wood (born May 24, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois) [1] is an American Wikipedia editor Who goes by the name of Keilana on the site. She is known for her efforts to counter the effects and causes of gender bias on Wikipedia , especially through the creation of articles about women in science . She was declared a joint recipient of the 2016 Wikipedian of the Year , by Jimmy Wales , …

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Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight

Rosie Stephenson Goodknight , Known is Wikipedia as Rosiestep , is an American healthcare administrator, Noted for her work as a Wikipedia editor Who has created Thousands of new items and for her Attempts to address gender disparity on the website, running a project pour augmenter the And biographies. [3] She was named co- Wikipedian of the Year in 2016.

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Wikipedians of the year

Wikipedian of the Year is an award presented Annually by Wikipedia ‘s founder Jimmy Wales to highlight major achievements for Wikipedia by an individual Wikipedian . The award, established in 2011, is traditionally presented at Wikimania . Recipients have included Rauan Kenzhekhanuly , Rémi Mathis , Ihor Kostenko , Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight and Emily Temple-Wood .

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Rauan Kenzhekhanuly

Rauan Kenzhekhanuly is a Kazakh NGO activist and enterpreneur Who Was named the first Wikipedian of the Year in August 2011 by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales at Wikimania . [1] Career Kenzhekhanuly was born on 1 May 1979 in the East Kazakhstan region. In 2001, he graduated from Almaty University (named after Abay Kunanbayev) with a bachelor’s degree in international affairs. During the year, the National …

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