Stupidedia (from Stupid and encyclop edia ) is a German-language wiki featuring satirically themed and humorous items. [1] [2] Stupidedia is the largest German-language wiki of this kind, with over 22,412 articles as of March 2014 . It uses MediaWiki software, like many other wikis. Some articles of celebrities which are considered overly offensive, such as their article on Heino or Bushido , have been blocked. [3]

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Missing Links and Secret Histories

Missing Links and Secret Stories: A Selection of Wikipedia Entries from Across the Known Multiverse is a collection of short stories in the form of fictitious Wikipedia entries. The speculative fiction anthology was edited by L. Timmel Duchamp . [1] The collection was published by Aqueduct Press , which issued a call for materials in 2011 asking writers to create “wikipedia-page-style entries”. [2] [3]

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The Frikipedia

La Frikipedia was a Spanish-language parody of Wikipedia . Frikipedia can be translated into English as The Geekpedia or The Freakypedia , since the title comes from the anglicism freak . It is also called “the extremely serious encyclopedia” or the “useless encyclopedia” . It currently has more than 8,000 items. The Frikipedia is under the GNU Free Documentation License . In early 2006, the head of the Frikipedia decided to close the site after a …

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Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica (often abbreviated ED[3] and æ) is a satirical website, consisting of a wiki that uses MediaWiki software.[4] Launched on December 10, 2004, it lampoons encyclopedia topics and current events, especially those related or relevant to contemporary Internet culture. It often serves as a repository of information and a means of discussion for the internet subculture known as Anonymous.[5] This not safe/suitable for work (NSFW) internet site celebrates a subversive “trolling culture”,[6]and documents Internet memes, culture, and events, such as …

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Comedy 23/6

Huffington Post Comedy 23/6 [1] [2] Published by Arianna Huffington and edited by Daily Show Show Huffington Post Comedy 23/6 is a satirical news and opinionwebsite developed by Barry Diller ‘s IAC / InterActiveCorp and The Huffington Post , launched on November 9,Writer Jason Reich , the site features daily news coverage, original video, and a group blog known as “The Room.”

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Bigipedia is a comedy sketch show broadcast is BBC Radio 4 That first aired entre 23 July and 13 August 2009. A second series of episodes Began oven is 12 July 2011.[1] The show’s storyline revolves around “Bigipedia” fictional website has broadcast On radio and parody of Wikipedia , the online encyclopedia . The series mocks Wikipedia and other aspects of the Internet. [2] The BBC Press Office describes …

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