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Deleted article: International Project Management Association

I was looking for articles on International Project Management Association (IPMA) and realized that an article on IPMA had existed but has been deleted several times. This is a significant subject is international organization Having a key role in setting standards and providing good certification for project management .

Since the topic is important, I would like to create the article. Before doing that, I would like to have some additional information, and I ask the involved editors and administrators to provide the information. In particular, I am interested in answers to these questions:

  • Is it possible to restore the article contents somewhere and possibly (preferably) make its history history available?
  • When was the first time (deleted), was it possible to just revert to the additions of disputable? By deletion, possibly useful edits were lost, too (if they existed, which I can not currently verify).
    • Is it possible to restore the part that is not disputable (if there is any)? In this case, I would ask administrators involved in deletion to do what, as a better alternative to starting the article completely from scratch.


  • Revision history
  • International_Project_Management_Association – nonexistent (deleted) page
  • Wikipedia: Articles_for_deletion / International_Project_Management_Association – deletion discussion
    • Related sockpuppet investigation: Wikipedia: Sockpuppet_investigations / Cnbredillet / Archive

Involved users in this discussion:

  • User_talk: Steel – speedily deleted for the first time advertisement
  • User_talk: Randykitty – Closed deletion discussion for the first time, with deletion of the article
  • User_talk: Espresso_Addict – Speedily deleted as per Wikipedia: Criteria_for_speedy_deletion # G4 – Recreation of a page
  • User_talk: Ad_Orientem
  • User_talk: Vanjagenije – Wikipedia: Sockpuppet_investigations / Cnbredillet / Archive
  • Participated (constructively) in deletion discussion:
    • User_talk: Mcmatter – to be retained
    • User_talk: DGG – argued that notability was not demonstrated after cleaning

Notice to be left on users’ page

== Deleted article: International Project Management Association ==

Hi, I have some questions and requests for help regarding the deleted article [[International Project Management Association]]. I would like to create the item or have it restored. Since the request concerns several editors and administrators, I have put it on my talk page:

* [[User_talk: Ajgorhoe # Deleted article: International Project Management Association]]

I kindly ask you to review the request there and answer it in full or in part, if you find it appropriate.


Notice – test preview

Deleted article: International Project Management Association

Hi, I have some questions and request for help regarding the deleted article International Project Management Association . I would like to create the item or have it restored. Since the request concerns several editors and administrators, I have put it on my talk page:

  • User_talk: Ajgorhoe # Deleted article: International Project Management Association

I kindly ask you to review the request there and answer it in full or in part, if you find it appropriate.

Ajgorhoe ( talk ) 18:06, 12 July 2017 (UTC)

My deleted articles

  • Eva Hren Wikipedia: Articles for deletion / Eva Hren
  • Numerical simulation – Notice about speedy deletion , Second record ; Article was eventually redirected to Computer Simulation , which is not OK (lastvis partially a super set of form, but not entirely)
  • Doodle event scheduling – Notice about deletion procedure ; Article was eventually deleted but restored later, now it redirects to Doodle.com . The part of the history of initial article is missing.

Discussed for Deletion

My deleted articles – Copies

This section contains articles that have not yet been published, and I think these articles are included on Wikipedia (or at least their contents should be merged into other Wikipedia articles).


Agreement.NET Talk: Agreement.NET My comment on talk page when marked for deletion:

Vote against deletion of this article

I vote against deletion. Agreement.NET is a notable .NET framework library for machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, statistics, and others. Numerous software uses the library. It has been intensively used in research. See eg this list of references:

  • A list of some references about Aforge.NET

I’ve been working on the article some time ago in good faith, being aware of the subject’s notability. I hope that fellow wikipedians will take up improving the article, but it has not evolved quickly. I’m afraid this is just another indicator of declining potential of our community. Why not take a modus operandi? Please help expand and improve the article, not delete it.

Agreement.NET is a framework for scientific computing in .NET. The source code of the project is available under the terms of the Gnu Lesser Public License , version 2.1.

The framework included a set of libraries that are available in the code as well as executable installers and NuGet packages. The main areas covered include numerical optimization, statistics, machine learning, artificial neural networks, signal and image processing, and support libraries (such as graph plotting and visualization). [1] [2] The project was originally created to extend the capabilities of the AForge.NET Framework , but has since incorporated AForge.NET inside itself. Newer releases have united both frameworks under the Accord.NET name.

See also

  • AF.NET – a .NET computer vision and artificial intelligence framework that Accord.NET is based on
  • List of numerical libraries for .NET framework

External links

  • Official web site
  • Project home on GitHub
  • Agreement.NET packages at NuGet
  • Aforge.NET site on projects using the framework, mentioning Accord.NET as extension of the framework.


  1. Jump up^ Greg Duncan. Portable Image and Video processing with help from AForge.NET and Accord.NET. [1]Channel 9, November 2014. Web extract
  2. Jump up^ Accord project on Open Hub. [2]Web Extract


Amebis Talk: Amebis

My vote against deletion of this article

I vote against deletion. Amebis is a notable company for development of language technologies and some of its products are important sources for studying contemporary Slovenian language. I’ve started the article a few times and have a number of other contributors have improved it. Why not deleting it? – Ajgorhoe ( talk ) 00:29, 21 June 2017 (UTC)

Amebis from Kamnik is the main company in Slovenia in the field of language technologies . [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] bIts current manager is Miro Romih. The company HAS published a number of machine readable dictionariesand encyclopedic dictionaries (eg ASP (32) dictionaries) Developed and spell checkers , grammar checkers , hyphenators and lemmatizers for Slovene , Serbian and Albanian languages . In co-operation with the Jožef Stefan Institute they have developed a speech synthesis and screen reader Govorec (Speaker). They have also provided technical support for the largest text corpus of Slovene language, called FidaPLUS . [2] [5] [7]

External links

  • Amebis home page


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