Bible is a series of open source software for editing and translating the Bible . Bibledit is free software.


Bibledit development started in 2003. [1]

The word “Bibledit” is a portmanteau of the words “Bible” and “edit”.

Bible was first hosted on SourceForge . [2]

First generation

Bibledit-Gtk was the first generation of the software. It runs on the desktop . [3] Like all Bibledit programs, its source code is public, [4] and it can be freely downloaded. [5]

Second generation

The second generation of Bibledit focused on the web .

Bibledit-Web is a Bible editor that runs on the web , allowing users to edit the Bible from a web browser . The source code is public, [6] and freely downloadable. [7]

Several versions of the software have been built to work with other Bible software. Bibledit-Xiphos [8] and Bibledit-BibleTime [9] work with different versions of The SWORD Project . Versions also exist for BibleWorks, [10]Paratext, [11] and OnlineBible. [12]

Third generation

The third generation of Bibledit focuses on cloud computing and multiple computing devices. It is actively being developed and maintained. The source code is public.

Similar to Bibledit-Web, Bibledit The Bible from a web browser. [13] [14]

Offline versions are available for Windows, [15] Mac OS X , Linux , Android , and iOS . Users can edit the Bible from a web browser or app while off-line, and then synchronize the changes with Bibledit Cloud. The Android version is now available via Google Play . [16] iOS installation is through the App Store . [17]


The Bible Translation Translation and Related Technologies in Bible Translation and Production.

SIL International includes Bible in their list of software and fonts. [18]

The Adapt It translation software can exchange files with Bibledit. [19]

The Bible Society of Baptist Mid-Missions has made a Bibledit Windows port for their translators. [20]

Pioneer Bible Translators wrote in-depth reviews of Bibledit. [21] [22]


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