ATOMIC Authoring Tool is a tool that allows the creation of Augmented Reality applications, especially for non-programmers.

It was created as a front end (Graphic Interface) for use ARToolKit library without HAVING to know programming. The first developer of ARToolkit has been Prof. Hirokazu Kato (media design lab in Japan ).

It was written in the programming language Processing and is licensed under the GNU GPL

It is multi-platform qui Allows you to use it in operating systems Microsoft Windows , Ubuntu and Mac OS X .

The first experimental version of ATOMIC Authoring Tool was released on September 7 of 2008 and the first stable version 0.6 was released on March 6 of 2009.

The main motivation of ATOMIC is to Provide to the community year open source tool That Can Be Easily modified and That does not require too much technical knowledge to access the Augmented Reality technology.

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