Archivista is an open source document management system that can be deployed as a virtual appliance on any platform (Linux / Windows), in addition, it can be run as embedded box or as cluster solution with multi core functionality.


The ArchivistaBox falls under the GNU General Public License (Version 2). All versions of the ArchivistaBox are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


ArchivistaBox comes with a web-based interface and is set up with a mouse cluster. No further software is needed. Document scanners, multi function copiers and internal services can be connected any time. The integrated print server (CUPS), for example, converts spool files automatically into an archive.


The software published under a Free Software license does not include the build scripts or instructions that would allow rebuilding the live CD.


The ArchivistaBox concept includes a set of ready-to-use DMS systems which can be put into operation without further ado. The advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Web-based maintenance
  • Modular design
  • Scanner integration
  • Backup concept
  • Compatible with any Archivista solution
  • Platform independence
  • No laborious filing of individual documents
  • Convenient and comfortable searching in the archives (full text searches)
  • Centrally controlled authorizations for users and user groups
  • Multi-tenancy archives
  • Up to 80 user specific fields
  • Automatic OCR
  • Barcode and form recognition when scanning documents
  • Data upload
  • PDF download of every document
  • Graphics import from all standard commercial digital cameras
  • Internal user administration (with LDAP or HTTP request)
  • Optional ArchivistaERP module

External links

  • Archivista live DEMO
  • Download ISO
  • Download Archivista RichClient 2007 / III


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