Wikipedian of the Year is an award presented Annually by Wikipedia ‘s founder Jimmy Wales to highlight major achievements for Wikipedia by an individual Wikipedian . The award, established in 2011, is traditionally presented at Wikimania . Recipients have included Rauan Kenzhekhanuly , Rémi Mathis , Ihor Kostenko , Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight and Emily Temple-Wood .


year Container Main project Notes
2011 Rauan Kenzhekhanuly Kazakh Wikipedia Kenzhekhanuly was honored for recruiting a stable community to improve the Kazakh Wikipedia, which in a year increased from 4 to over 200 active editors, and 7,000 to 130,000 articles. [1] [2] Wales was criticized by whom? ] Because of Kenzhekhanuly’s ties to the government of Kazakhstan . [2] [3]
2012 “Demmy” Yoruba Wikipedia Yerevan, a language spoken in Nigeria. [2]
2013 Rémi Mathis French Wikipedia Received for his role in the controversy surrounding the article “Pierre-sur-Haute military radio station” [4]
2014 Ihor Kostenko Ukrainian Wikipedia Kostenko, a Euromaidan activist, was an editor on the Ukrainian Wikipedia and actively promoted it on social networking sites. He was killed during a protest on 20 February 2014 and received the award posthumously. [4] [5] [6] [7]
2015 unknown Wikimedia Commons Wales named an anonymous editor from Venezuela in pectore who had been exiled for posting photographs of anti-government protests. [8]
2016 Emily Temple-Wood English Wikipedia The first joint recipients for their efforts to combat harassment on Wikipedia and increase its coverage of notable women. Temple-Wood had created nearly 400 articles and improved hundreds more, many of which are about women scientists and LGBT and women’s health . Stephenson-Goodknight, “WikiProject Women”, and the “Women in Red” by Stephenson-Goodknight “Campaign. [4]
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight English Wikipedia

Honorable mentions

year Container Main project Notes
2015 Susanna Mkrtchyan Armenian Wikipedia For off-wiki activities including an editing campaign and youth camp.[8]
Satdeep Gill Punjabi Wikipedia Gill’s efforts to encourage people at his university to edit the Punjabi Wikipedia made it the fastest-growing Indic-language Wikipedia that year.[8]
2016 “Mardetanha” Persian Wikipedia Created the Farsi-language arm of the “Wikipedia Library.”[4]
Vassia Atanassova Bulgarian Wikipedia Established the “#100wikidays” contest, which challenges editors to create one Wikipedia article per day for one hundred days.[4]

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