is a website with a free tool to generate year Alphabetized bibliography of books from a list of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) with output in MLA, APA , Chicago / Turabian , BibTeX and Wikipedia {{ cite book }} format. [1] Each query also generates a “temporary” permalink which can be used to recall the bibliography without reentering the ISBN data. The US Library of Congress API, the Amazon. The site has a metasearch engine , integrating data from several sources . Com database of books, and . OttoBib accepts ISBNs with either 10 or 13 digits.

Background was launched in 2006 by Jonathan Otto, a 4th year undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse , USA. [2] It was originally called “That’s Crazy Hot!” But the name was changed to OttoBib because the original title was “not suitable for the academic environment and will not take off”. [3]

The original inspiration for the site came from Seth Godin ‘s January 3, 2006 blog post on “Stuck Systems”, where he wrote:

“A quick online search did not turn up what would be a free service that would allow a writer to type in all the ISBNs used in creating a paper and then two things:

1. a bibliography based on
2. A web page that would allow the reader / teacher to see the books, their covers, etc. ” [4]

Functionality performs the two basic functions outlined. Marcus P. Zillman, an Internet information retrieval consultant and speaker said “this website is the start of a new paradigm of citing sources.” [5] Jason Clarke , a writer and web developer, said OttoBib is a “tool that solves a simple problem in a simple manner.” [6]


In January 2007, OttoBib introduced a REST interface to allow a quote to be generated from a URL that contains the ISBN. For example, ISBN 0-19-511797-2 can be used in the URL:

To display

Patterson, J. , (1997). Great Expectations . Oxford Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press.

In February 2007, OttoBib introduced the ability to request citations in BibTeX and Wikipedia {{ cite book }} formats.

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