Open Source Shakespeare is a non-commercial web site offering free-to-digital versions of the complete works of William Shakespeare . The site was created using Moby Shakespeare , which is based on the 1864 Globe edition of the complete works. [1]


Shakespeare’s work was conceived in 2001 by Eric M. Johnson, then working as a web designer and theater reviewer for the Washington Times newspaper while pursuing a Master’s degree at George Mason University . [2] In the process of finding the source of Shakespearian quotes online, Johnson was surprised to learn that William Shakespeare’s writings. [2]

“Johnson recalled.” Johnson recalled, “The ones that were not free, and the free ones were not comprehensive. [2]

Johnson started to create just and comprehensive free Such a digital collection as share de son graduate program, have unveiled the Open Source Shakespeare website in December 2003. [3] The Site Was Formally annoncé to the scholarly community in February 2004. [3]

According to the site’s founder, about 77,000 people made use of the resource in 2005, with a further 170,000 anticipated to visit the site in 2006. [3] The operating costs of the site were minimal; Through 2006, these were paid out of pocket by the site’s creator. [3] Subsequently, a grant application was made to the National Endowment for the Humanities by Johnson and three members of the English Department of George Mason University to provide funding for the project. [2]

Site structure

Shakespeare’s works are divided into plays , sonnets , and poems . The site also includes a concordance , search engine , and information about basic usage statistics.

The site has gained functionality over time, with a “Version 2.0” released in 2005 which added the capability for users to search for word stems or phonetically and to save and print search results. [4]

In the middle of 2009 a site version designed for mobile devices was unveiled, called Mobile Open Source Shakespeare. [2]


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