Open music is music That Is shareable, available in ” source code ” form, Allows derivative works and is free of cost for non-commercial use. It is the concept of ” open source ” computer software applied to music. [1]HOWEVER, the non-commercial stipulation associated with Open Music is incompatible with the first section of the Open Source Definition [2] as well as the first freedom could forth in The Free Software Definition(freedom 0). [3] Open Music is one of the general responses to the RIAA’s and governmental actions against the music industry and its consumers.

“Open music” can be considered a subset of ” free music ” (referring to freedom). The differences of philosophy between advocates of “open source software” and ” free software ” have not surfaced in the community of musicians contributing to the copyleft commons. This may be due to the relatively recent emergence of copyleft music, as well as to the fact that software development generally involves much more collaboration and derivatization than does music production. It is not clear that open collaboration using copyleft licenses provides any significant advantages in music production, as open source advocates commonly argue is the case for software development.

Several websites have surfaced to provide musicians with the platform and tools necessary for online music collaboration. Most of These websites Promote one or more of the Creative Commons licenses, Allowing derivative works and sharing of the finished songs. Early implementations of these collaborative websites, and a multi-track file. More recent and modern websites provide streaming, web-based upload and download options, chat, and project-based discussion forums.

There are plenty of artists that use Creative Commons License. One of the most open licenses is “Creative Commons Attribution” License. You can listen to this kind of music on for example.

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