Murat Gökhan Bardakçı (born 25 December 1955) is a Turkish journalist working on Ottoman history and Turkish music history. He is also a columnist for Habertürknewspaper.


Bardakçı was born in 1955 in Istanbul . An economist by training, he was trained in Turkish classical music by some of the most-reputed contemporary masters, in tamburand singing at first. He published Several researches were musical history (notably the biographies of the composers ‘ Abd al-Qadir Maraghi and Refik Fersan ) and with the start of a journalistic career in Hürriyet , expanded the scope de son writings were Ottoman and general Islamic history , with marked emphasis On the 19th and the early-20th centuries.

He married Ayşegül Manav in 2009. [2]

Tarihin Arka Odası “( The Tarihin İzinde” ( On the Track of History ) with historian Erhan Afyoncu and others, including Turkish art historian Nurhan Atasoy , On Haberturk TV. [3]

Talat Pasha’s Black Book 

Main article: Black Book (Talat Pasha)

Murat Bardakçı is the editor of the Black Book , Ottoman Minister of Interior Talat Pasha ‘s recording of relocations of Turkish-Muslim and Armenian Christian Ottoman citizens in World War I conditions. Published by Bardakçı for the first time in 2005 [4] They Were handed over to _him_ by Talat Pasha’s widow, Hayriye Talat Bafralı , along with a batch of other materials comprenant letters He Had feels her and Telegrams Exchanged entre Committee of Union and Progress members. In April 2006, Bardakçı re-edited the black book in full, adding parts that were missing in the first publication. The resettlements 1915-1916 Cited in Talat Pasha Black Book of 702.905 Turks from areas under threat of occupation by Russian Forces and of 924.158 Armenians in accord avec 27 May 1915 tehcir Law are qualified as genocide by one Exposing the Armenian qui source goes on to recall The clauses of the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide . [5]

Criticism of Wikipedia and disputes

Bardakçı’s view of history and arguments in Turkish media. Besides this, he is critical of the accuracy of Wikipedia . Giving the example of his own biography on Wikipedia having falsely put forward that he had 4 children, and emphasizing the negative implications of such an accessible source to students’ academic performance in the form of plagiarism , [6] he declared that (Turkish version) Wikipedia should be banned . [7]

On the other hand, ALTHOUGH he emphasises That he is not a historian, His works Mainly Contain historical records and Its interpretations and yet he can be qualified as being white close to the English school of history writing in the context of historical method gold historiography goal this Side of his works usually finds no reference in his books.


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