Introduction to Economic Analysis is a university microeconomics textbook by Caltech Professor Preston McAfee . [1] It is available free of charge under Creative Commons license [2] (an open source ); Under this “license, which requires attribution, users can pick and choose chapters or integrate with their own material”. [3]

Introduction to Economic Analysis was the first published complete textbook being openly available online. [3] McAfee was named SPARC innovator for year 2009 [3] for making the book freely accessible.

The book has been updated three times since it was first introduced. Version 2 is available online from Professor McAfee.

Version 3 is co-authored with Professor Tracy Lewis of the Fuqua School of Business and was published by Flat World Knowledge in 2009 [4] under a Creative Commonslicense. [5] Introduction to Economic Analysis is already used on campuses from Harvard to New York University . [3]


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