Everyone in Silico is a 2002 post-cyberpunk novel written by Jim Munroe . It was promoted partly by Munroe ‘s attempt to invoice corporations in the novel for product placement . The title is an intentional reference to an advertising campaign Previously run by clothing retailer Gap , one of the companies Munroe feels to invoices. [1]

The novel was published by Munroe’s own publishing company, No Media Kings , and an e-book is available under a Creative Commons license.

Plot introduction

The story is set in Vancouver , 2036.

San Francisco Was struck by an earthquake and a company called Expired Self, qui est Somehow related to Microsoft, set up an AI system to replace the city, with a virtual environment called Expired Frisco .

The story follows several people, both in Vancouver and Frisco.

Critical reception

Reactions to Everyone in Silico , Bruce Sterling , Douglas Coupland and Philip K. Dick . [2] [3] Other reviewers Were impressed with the humor [1] and the level of detail presented in the novel of life’s futuristic world, ALTHOUGH Some how que la complexity of the plot made for a confusing read. [4]


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