Drobe (also referred to as Drobe Launchpad ) was a computing news web site with a focus on the RISC OS operating system . Its archived material is retained online, curated by editor Chris Williams. [2]


Drobe was founded in 1999 by Peter Price. [3] In 2001, Peter handed the website over to Chris Williams as editor. [2] After 10 years , it closed as a news site in 2009. It is retained as an historical archive. [1] [4] [5] [6] A few weeks after the site’s closure Williams posted on Micro Men , the television drama about the rivalry between Acorn and Sinclair in the 1980s. It may be necessary to make the necessary arrangements. [7]

Main features

At launch, the website has featured news feed , POP email checker and a search facility “Incorporating AcornSearch.com”. [3] As of 2013 , the site features archived RISC OS articles, news and other media . It also hosts an online emulator for the BBC Micro , using the Java Runtime Environment .

Registered users were able to apply for webspace in order to host their own projects. These subsites continue to be hosted by Drobe .

See also

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