The CERN Open Hardware License ( OHL or CERN OHL ) is a license used in open-source hardware projects. It was created by CERN , which published version 1.0 in March 2011. Version 1.1 was published in July 2011. [1] Version 1.2 was published in September 2013. [2] [3]


Contrary to MOST of license names, the CERN OHL uses the British English spelling license , not the American English spelling license Containing year s .

Projects using the CERN OHL

The ColorHug2, an open source colorimeter .

On the CERN OHL website they have a list of projects using their license. [4] These projects include:

  • Most Projects in the Open Hardware Repository OHR
  • Gizmo For You Ltd
  • SimpleMachines
  • Tinkerforge Bricks and Bricklets
  • AXIOM [5] – digital cinema camera
  • SatNOGS -the open satellite ground station network
  • UPSat -the first open hardware satellite
  • Mycroft Mark 1 – smart speaker with open source digital assistant (design files available here )
  • A Free Beer variation, brewed for the RMLL 2012 and recipe placed under the CERN OHL 1.1 [6]
  • The tristimulus colorimeter Colorhug2 uses version 1.1 of this license. [7]
  • The synchrotron instrumentation PandAbox which chorographs experiments at particle accelerator and other facilities


The CERN OHL is free of charge, according to the Free Cultural Works definition. [8]

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