The Cambridge History of English and American Literature was published by Cambridge University Press in 1907-1921. [1] The 18 volumes include 303 chapters and more than 11,000 pages edited and written by a worldwide panel of 171 leading scholars and thinkers of the early twentieth century. The English literature begins with Old English poetry and end with the late Victorian era . Coverage of American literature ranges from colonial and revolutionary periods through the early twentieth century.

AW Ward and AR Waller were the joint editors-in-chief of the 14 volumes (with an additional index volume) on English literature. [2] William Peterfield Trent , John Erskine , Stuart Sherman and Carl Van Doren were the editors of the 4 volumes on American literature. The 4 volumes on American literature were published in Cambridge, England by the Cambridge University Press and in New York City by GP Putnam’s Sons. [3] published the work online in 2000; [4] its presentation divides the work by subject into over 5,600 files, which are full-text searchable, and includes indexes by chapter, bibliography, and chapter author. It contains biographical information and bibliographies on major individuals and literary movements.


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