The Biographicalon was a wiki -based website containing biographies of famous and non-famous people, that existed from March to August 2008. [1]

The site was launched on March 1, 2008 by computer programmer Ethan Herdrick and business partner Daniel Terhorst. The site had received a small amount of seed funding from venture capital firm Y Combinator . Herdrick served as the Chief Executive Officer while Terhorst was Chief Technology Officer . [2]

“The Wired Campus,” The Wired Campus Labeled the Biographicon ” Wikipedia for non- notables ” [3] Wikipedia, the Biographicon The world “. Writing for the Independent, Rhodri Marsden commented that on the Biographicon, “anyone can put up details about themselves without fear of being nominated for deletion”, though he noted that since the site operated using wiki software, Log in and alter your entry to include the time you cried on a school trip because someone stole your sandwiches.

On August 21, 2008, the website was shut down, due to what its founders called “insufficient user interest in the site.” [5] A brief attempt to restore the site soon afterward proved unsuccessful. [6]


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