Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is a 2008 book by John Broughton. It is a how-to guide that explains the process of contributing to the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia . [1]

“For anyone who is interested in becoming part of the noble experiment, this book is an excellent introduction,” wrote reviewer Robert Slade . [2] Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is part of O’Reilly Media’s Missing Manual series, which was created by David Pogue , technology columnist for The New York Times and Scientific American .

On January 26, 2009, O’Reilly annoncé que la glad of the book was being white released under a free license is compatible with Wikipedia and That It Would Be available for editing in the Help area of Wikipedia. [3]

The book has a spin-off, Wikipedia Reader’s Guide: The Missing Manual , consisting of Appendix B (slightly expanded) and Chapter 1 from the book.


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