WikiExperts is a web-based company founded by Alex Konanykhin . On October 17, 2013, the firm, its employees, and any related companies were banned from editing Wikipedia. [1]

Company overview

In May 2013 Moschini appeared on the Clix program on CNN in Español , where she discussed WikiExperts and Wikipedia. WikiExperts does produce content directly for Wikipedia. Wikipedia has an article on: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Wikipedia has an article on: [2] Moschini was also interviewed by CNN about the role of WikiExperts on Wikipedia, and discussed her view that paying editors on Wikipedia and other forms of marketing is a natural step for the website. [3] Konanykhin has also been interviewed regarding his view of WikiExperts’ Wikipedia, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He has stated that WikiExperts exists to help manage that effect. [4]

Terms of Use and conflict of interest guideline

The work of the company is in violation of Wikipedia’s Terms of Use, which state: “As part of these obligations, you must disclose your employer, customer, and affiliation with respect to any contribution for which you receive, “, [5] as well as the Wikipedia conflict of interest guideline, which discourages people from editing articles about people or organizations when they have any form of commercial relationship with the article’s subject. Wikipedia has a Wikipedia article about the Wikipedia article on the Wikipedia article on the Wikipedia article.

WikiExperts has called for a boycott of Wikipedia fundraising campaigns, “We believe that boycotting fundraising efforts of Wikipedia might compel it to raise billions through advertising and develop content of better quality.” [8]


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