Uładzimir Katkoŭski ( Belarusian : Уладзімір Каткоўскі , June 19, 1976, Minsk citation needed ] – May 25, 2007) was a Belarusian blogger, web designer and website creator. [1]


Katkoŭski took a degree in computer science at the American University in Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad and later worked as an IT specialist in Budapest and in Frankfurt am Main . Citation needed ] From 2002, he worked for the Belarusian edition of Radio Free Europe .

On June 16, 2006, he and his wife had a car accident on a street in Prague . Katkoŭski was in coma for almost a year until he died on May 26, 2007. [1]

Activity on the Internet

In the mid-1990s, Katkoŭski became one of the pioneers of the Belarusian speaking Internet. Citation needed ] In the late 1990s, together with his future wife and other Belarusian Internet users, he created the Belarusian historical website Litvania that had notable popularity. Citation needed ] Katkoŭski was one of the first and most popular bloggers in Belarusian language known as rydel23 . Citation needed ] In 2006, he was awarded [2] by the Belarusian web portal TUT.by for his blog br23.net .

Katkoŭski created the websites Pravapis.org (about issues concerning Belarusian language) and Martyraloh Biełarusi – “The Belarusian Martyrology” about victims of Stalinist terror in Belarus. Citation needed ] Googletranslated into Belarusian, and was the founder of the Belarusian Wikipedia . Citation needed ]

He was the creator and administrator of the Belarusian edition of Radio Free Europe . Citation needed ]


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