The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media is a book by José van Dijck published in Oxford University Press in 2013 on social media platforms and their history. [1] The author critically considers the histories of five social media platforms: Facebook , Twitter , Flickr , YouTube and Wikipedia . Van Dijck’s approach is based on the principle of social media.

The title of the work alludes to how the rise of social media has a (profitable) connectivity is dominant.


In the book, Van Dijck, the social and cultural dimensions contribute to their current status.

Key concepts

Platforms as Techno-Cultural Constructs
Van Dijck is the author of a book on social media. Borrowing from Actor-network theory , Van Dijck approaches the three concepts of technology, users and use and content firstly in each of its chapters.
Users and Usage
Platforms as Socio-Economic Structures
This paper presents the results of Van Dijck’s work in the field of political economy .
Business Models


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