Seedfeeder is a pseudonymous illustrator known for contributing sexually explicit drawings to Wikipedia . Between 2008 and 2012, the artist created 48 depictions of various sex acts. Seedfeeder’s illustrations garnered criticism: some Wikipedia editors claimed they contained racist and sexist undertones, while Andy Cush of Gawker called him “Wikipedia’s greatest artist of sex acts.” Artnet columnist Paddy Johnson listed Seedfeeder’s work as one of the “Top 10 Digital Artworks of 2014”.


Seedfeeder contributed 48 drawings of various sex acts to 35 English-language Wikipedia articles; [1] these have also been used in other language editions of Wikipedia. They are available for adaptation and reuse under the conditions of a Creative Commons license . [2] The images are vector graphics with gradient colors and neutral backgrounds; [3] Seedfeeder said that he lacked the skills to make complex backgrounds. [2]Seedfeeder stated that it was influenced by the simplified style of aircraft safety cards . [3] [3] [4] [3] 3] 3] 3] [edit] References and related links

  • Anal sex [5]
  • Rimming
  • Cum shot
  • Deep-throating
  • Doggy style
  • Erotic lactation
  • Facial (sex act) [5]
  • Fingering (sexual act)
  • Fisting
  • Frot
  • Gokkun
  • Gonzo pornography
  • Mammary Intercourse
  • Missionary position
  • Pegging (sexual practice)
  • Sex position [5]
  • Tea bag (sexual act)
  • threesome
  • Top, bottom and versatile
  • Tribadism
  • Woman on top

Seedfeeder retired from Wikipedia in June 2012. [6]


Illustration by Seedfeeder of a woman blowing a kiss. Seedfeeder used this illustration to announce his retirement from Wikipedia. [7]

Seedfeeder’s images received media coverage in numerous languages ​​and publications. [8] In 2014, Gawker’s Andy Cush published an article about Seedfeeder’s “frank, graphic” illustrations, [8] and a companion gallery called “The Best of Seedfeeder, Wikipedia’s Greatest Illustrator Illustrator” The artist’s “greatest works”. [5] In his Gawker piece, Cush called Seedfeeder “Wikipedia’s greatest artist of sex acts” and his work “unmistakable” and “nearly as striking as the subject matter”. [3] Cyriaque Lamar of called the images “goddamn hilarious” And also compared them to airline safety pamphlets. Lamar acknowledged their educational value but criticized them for being too pornographic for pedagogical purposes. [9] The most terrifying sex illustrations on Wikipedia. [9] [10]

The Huffington Post ‘s Andres Jauregui said the illustrations were “anything but shy” and that “by rendering intense acts of coupling in a sterile, almost instructional manner, seedfeeder’ s drawings. [8] He wrote that the sexual acts Seedfeeder illustrates “are not weird, but the plastic, detached style in which they are rendered is bizarrely matter-of-fact, like the airline safety pamphlets that the illustrator says inspired them”. In addition, he said: “Some would not consider it art, but it’s not porn, either. The drawings are educational, but they serve a purpose beyond illustration.” [8] Artnet columnist Paddy Johnson listed Seedfeeder’s work as one of the “Top 10 Digital Artworks of 2014”. [11]

Negative reactions

Seedfeeder’s drawings were also met with controversy. Some Wikipedia contributors perceived to be racist and sexist undertones, resulting in the removal of some images from English-language Wikimedia projects . [3] A depiction of a facial featuring a black man ejaculating on a white woman. [2]

Seedfeeder is the most widely-read and widely acclaimed series of episodes in the history of sex. Articles, without exception. “” Anything predicated on “an image is not necessary” is absolutely zero weight. [8] In an interview with NaTemat , sexologist Andrzej Depko  ( pl ) defended the images, saying that images of sexual activity are nothing new and that people should not be offended by sex. [2]

Seedfeeder also responded to criticism that children could discover his illustrations by writing, “if your children are actively searching for these kind of topics … it’s because they already have a slight idea of ​​them … and they feel ready to know more. ” [8]


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