Maia Weinstock is an American science writer and Lego enthusiast Who Resides In Cambridge, Massachusetts . She graduated from Brown University in 1999, [1] and is Deputy Editor of MIT News . [2] [3]


Before working at MIT, she worked at BrainPOP , [4] and was an editor for and other science publications. [5]

In 2014, Weinstock was cited by Judith Newman of The New York Times as “a Wikipedian who has been instrumental in raising awareness” of the gender imbalance on that online encyclopedia ; Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia has an article on: Newman. [4] [6]

In addition to her editing work, Weinstock has been an editor of Wikipedia for a number of years, and has been involved in efforts to reduce the gender gap among editors and articles that occur on the site. This work includes working on a-thons on Ada Lovelace Day , as well. [7]

A fan of Lego mini-figures, she first started building themes for living scientists, the first being her friend Carolyn Porco . [7] Eventually, this included a submission to the Lego Ideas contest called the “Legal Justice League”, which was designed to look like a shorty built legos, and contained miniature versions of Sandra Day O’Connor , Ruth Bader Ginsburg , Sonia Sotomayor , and Elena Kagan . [8] The submission was declined by LEGO as being too political, which led to an increase in publicity for the project, and eventually led to a submission with generic justices. A Boston Globe reporter described Weinstock’s apartment as having ”

In March 2017, Lego announced that it would make a “Women of NASA “, based on a design Weinstock had submitted. [10]


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