Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia is a 2010 book by Joseph M. Reagle Jr. that deals with the topic of Wikipedia . The book was first published on August 27, 2010 through the MIT Press and has a foreword by Lawrence Lessig . [1] [2]


Good Faith Collaboration is based on Reagle’s dissertation PhD. [3] The book is a study of the history of Wikipedia , its real life and theoretical precursors, and the culture which has developed around it. Reagle explores the history of collaboration, touching on the Quakers ‘ methods , the World Brain envisioned by HG Wells and Paul Otlet ‘ s Universal Repository. [4] [5]


The book has a positive review from Cory Doctorow , who said that Reagle “offers a compelling case that Wikipedia’s most fascinating and unprecedented aspect is not the encyclopedia itself – rather, it’s the collaborative culture that underpins it: brawling, self-reflexive, funny , Serious, and full-tilt committed to the project “. [6]

In August 2011, Reagle was a keynote speaker at the Wikimania conference in Haifa , Israel. [7] In September 2011, the Web edition of the book was released [8] under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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