Crnogorska Enciklopedija (English: Montenegrin Encyclopedia, formerly Montenegrin ) was an internet encyclopedia project written in Montenegrin , which existed from 2006 to 2008. It was started by the IT Association of Montenegro in 2006 For a future Montenegrin Wikipedia . As of late 2008, it is nonfunctional. It used the MediaWiki software, running at version 1.6.8, and did not carry advertising.

By 9 January 2008, Crnogorska Enciklopedija had just over 1,000 articles. Like Wikipedia, the articles were released under the GNU Free Documentation License . Its authors and webmasters were Darko Bulatović (“User: WikiSysop”) and Damir Mustafić (“User: OutLook”). According to Bulatović, in an interview for the Montenegrin daily newspaper Vijesti , the project was a victim of wiki-hacking, having been attacked by users from Serbia. [1] [2]

As of late 2008, the project is closed.

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