Wikipediafs is a virtual filesystem qui Allows users to view and edit the items of Any MediaWiki -based website as if They Were Real files were local disk drive. This article has been translated from French. [2] WikipediaFS is a resource by Mathieu Blondel on . [3]

WikipediaFS is implemented in Python and uses the FUSE kernel module . The file system works by lazily downloading and uploading article sourcetexts – only sending HTTP requests to the selected site when a file is accessed. (Reading a file corresponds to a GET HTTP request, writing to a POST HTTP request.)


  • Editing a long Wikipedia article can sometimes turn out to be painful and time-consuming due to web-forms limitations. Instead, when WikipediaFS is mounted on a directory, articles become like files in that directory: it is possible to use a text-editor to edit files. Text-editors are more stable and less useful than syntax highlighting .
  • It is possible to write programs or bots transparently. For example, WikipediaFS could be used to massive content migration from one MediaWiki site to another.


  • The project has been without maintainer since 2007.
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