WikiNodes is an app for the Apple iPad built by . [1] WikiNodes was the first tablet app for browsing Wikipedia using a radial tree to visualize how articles and subsections of articles are interrelated. The app displays related items (articles or sections of an article), which spreads on the screen, as a spiderweb of icons. [2]


The App uses the SpicyNodes visualization technique which was awarded a “best for teaching and learning” award in 2011 from the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) , [3] and voted # edchat’s 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools in 2010. [4]

The user interface is based on two display modes:

  • Page view – displays Wikipedia articles in long form, similar to how they appear on the main Wikipedia web site. [5]
  • Node view – Wikipedia Divides items into sections, items and links to related articles, similar to mind mapping . [6] The user can drag nodes, taps any node to display it in detail, with a panel to scroll to read the contents of the section. [7] This provides a visual way to see the relationships between articles. [8] [9]

As of June 2011, the app supports the 36 top Wikipedia languages (by number of articles).


The app was highlighted as a “staff pick” by Apple’s US App Store , Week of May 28, 2011; As “New and Noteworthy” by Apple’s US App Store, Week of May 5, 2011; And at other times by Apple’s app stores for non-US countries. [10] It has been favorably covered by several bloggers, including those in the references below. [11]

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  • SpicyNodes – Technical visualization information


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