Papat Limpad is a seven-month writing competition in the Javanese-language Wikipedia. [1] The purpose of this competition is to revitalize the “barely alive” Javanese-language Wikipedia. [2] Javanese Wikipedia started in January 2003 Began to-have a larger number of regular contributors in mid-2006, and Began to see icts golden era for seven years in 2008. HOWEVER, the activity Decreased and returned to the status in 2006, with only 2 to 1 regular contributors for the last two years. The Javanese language Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search

Proposed solution

On December 2010, Javanese Language Wikipedia sysops and co-founder of Wikimedia Indonesia Proposed to use one potential University in Semarang, Central Java Universitas Negeri Semarang (Semarang Public University) Also Known As UNNES , as location and resources of this pilot project. Javanese Language Javanese Language Javanese Language Javanese Language major res. The Success of Free Your Knowledge 2010 competition in Indonesian language Wikipedia Javanese Language Wikipedia. However, lesson learn from the competition proves that after 72 days of competition, None of the participant return to edit further – this is not acceptable in Javanese Language Wikipedia, considering the high cost where the trainee need to be flown regularly from Jakarta to Semarang. Therefore, it is decided to have a few months to compensate the cost.

Actual activities

In January 2011 Wikimedia Indonesia’s Papat Limpad team begin the trip from Jakarta to Semarang to Introduce the initiative “Papat Limpad”. Papat Limpad is an action project to Javanese Language Wikipedia Declining natural course by Introducing a competition system for writing in Javanese Language Wikipedia to UNNES, using the Saami competing system in Indonesian Language Wikipedia Known As Free Your Knowledge System (FYKS) .

As incentive to 100 students will compete That writing in Javanese language Wikipedia for seven months, oven laptop Will Be Given To top contributors writer, while one laptop Will Be Given To the head of Javanese Language Academy Staff.

On February 2011, Wikimedia Indonesia began an intensive training to Semarang committee, the training includes project management, competition monitoring, documentation, and reporting. Five people are selected with the task of coordinating and member of the committee.

After one month committee training, the competition began on March 21, 2011 and ended on October 13, 2011. Exactly during the celebration of “Language Month” (October).

Project Goal


The impact of the project is WMF Mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Diversified and Increased Participation is shown by the very Increasing active Wikipedian as illustrated in the statistics.

Planned goal

Javanese language revitalization project has a simple goal: a sustainable growth for six months in 2011 with minimum of six very active user and outreach in Javanese language population city.


  1. Papat Limpad has successfully increased Javanese Language Wikipedia very active users (> 100 edits / month) from two contributors (average) in 2010 to 13 contributors during seven months competition.
  2. Papat Limpad has successfully increased Javanese Language Wikipedia active users (> 5 edits / months) from nine contributors (average) in 2010 to 44 contributors during seven months competition.
  3. The participant (both that finishes and dropped out of the competition) contributed more than 2,269 short and long articles using Wikimedia Indonesia competition within 7 months competition.
  4. Posters of article results by top five participants in Semarang, increasing the awareness of Javanese Language Wikipedia existence.

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