Papat Limpad 2012 (English: Four Champions) is a Javanese Language Wikipedia Revitalization Project conducted in the year 2012-2013. [1] Papat Limpad 2012 is a follow-up project to revitalize Javanese Wikipedia . Learning from the best practices and lessons learned in a previous project called Papat Limpad , Wikimedia Indonesia designed a combined systematic effort to do outreach with writing classes and writing drives in the form of competition in Javanese-language Wikipedia. The project expands to three cities and approaches six universities to join the competition. The writing classes are expected to have a group of much more experienced and smarter new editors to compete against each other, Javanese-language Wikipedia Javanese-language encyclopedia articles. Javanese, Javanese, Javanese, Javanese, and others. Wikimedia is a registered trademark of the United States of America. So the success of the project can only be seen after the event. In 2011 a similar project was done using one university intervention. As a result, the Javanese Wikipedia readership climbed to 2.5 million readers in October 2011, and dropped back to 1.6 million in April 2012, A level similar to that of the situation before intervention happened. Compared to Indonesian Wikipedia , Where Each response Increased the readership (by / to?) 10 million and the number Had the tendency to stay, up to the next intervention in a small-language Wikipedia Such As Javanese Wikipedia, the readership rate dropped the minute The number of contributors dropped.

Therefore, Wikimedia Indonesia prioritized Javanese Wikipedia intervention and put most of its resources to do this one program, making sure it is up and running. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia has an article on: Indonesia. This project is co-funded by Wikimedia Indonesia, and Wikimedia France and Switzerland Wikimedia .

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  1. Jump up^ (in Indonesian) Central Java language academy (Jawa Tengah Broom): Launching of Javanese Language Writing Competition Papat Limpad 2012, May 7, 2012

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