Listen to Wikipedia , Also Known As L2W , is a multimedia visualizer developed by Mahmoud Hashemi and Stephen LaPorte, qui Translates recent Wikipedia edits into a display of visuals and sounds. The open source software application creates a real-time statistical graphic with sound from contributions to Wikipedia from around the world. To Accomplish this, L2W uses the graphics library d3.js . [1]

The concept of Listen to Wikipedia is based on BitListen , originally known as Listen to Bitcoin , an application by Maximillian Laumeister . [2] [3]



Each edit produces an orchestral sound in the pentatonic scale . [4] The bell-like sounds of a celesta corresponds to the additions of content to Wikipedia, and the strings of a clavichord show the subtractions. The pitchof the sound is determined by the size of the edit. [5] A new Wikipedia user is welcomed by a violin chord .


Each editor creates a circle of one of three colors: white for by edits registered users, green edits by for non-registered users, and violet for edits by bots. The size of a circle is determined by the size of the edit. [3]Clicking on the display text will open a new page in the user’s browser showing the revision history page.


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