Krugosvet is a Russian-language encyclopedia covering various fields of knowledge in eight supercategories and 27 subcategories, 12,000 entries, over 600 current and historical maps, and 10,000 illustrations and charts. [1] It is intended to provide objective, non-ideological, easily accessible information for research and other purposes. [2]

The Open Society Institute ‘s Information Program. The encyclopedia is available for free . According to Yandex portal, which also hosts Krugosvet, it is “comparable to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia in its size and significance”. [3]

Along with Stanford colleague, Robert Ball , Prof. Gregory Freidin founded in Moscow publishing company, The Russian Britannica LLC., Which has since evolved into Krugosvet’s publication. [4] Every third Krugosvet article has been translated from Collier’s Encyclopedia .


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