The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture ( EOA ) is a web -based encyclopedia of the US state of Arkansas , Described by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) as “a free, authoritative information source about the history , politics, geography, And culture of the state of Arkansas. ” [1]

The Encyclopedia is a project of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies at the Little Rock -based Central Arkansas Library System . [2]

The project was officially launched in 2006 with 700 entries and 900 multimedia items. [2] By June 2014, it had grown to more than 3,600 entries and 5,000 multimedia items. [2] The project has a staff of four; Articles are written by volunteer contributors who receive a payment of 5 cents per word. [2] The project is financially supported by NEH; The Department of Arkansas Heritage, the Arkansas General Assembly , and the Arkansas Humanities Council; And by various foundations, including the Winthrop RockefellerFoundation. [2]

The most visited page on Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture is that of Little Rock Nine . [2] Other entries range from slime mold to various Civil War battles and skirmishes in Arkansas to cheese dip . [2]


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