EcuRed is a Cuban online encyclopedia on MediaWiki software. [3] Launched on 13 December 2010, [3] the site hosts over 150,000 reference articles, biographies and academic works. [3]


Ecured as a Cuban encyclopedia originated from the need to Provide universal knowledge dans le .cu Internet domain and make it available to the vast majorité of Cubans , Especially after-in 2015 the Cuban government created 35 Wi Fi zones in the hand cities of the country, And lowered prices for the Nauta Service (provided by ETECSA , the public company for telecommunications).

The Cuban Revolution [4] and is written from a Cuban Perspective. [5] For example, EcuRed’s article about United States said it had historically taken “by force and natural resources from other nations, to put its business and monopolies”, [6] and the George W. Bush article says That he continued with a family tradition of corruption , government deceit and intrigue. [3] The name is an acronym from the Spanish sentence E nciclopedia Cu bana en la Red (“Cuban Encyclopedia online”). [7]

EcuRed states on its webpage that its goal “is the accumulation and development of knowledge with a non-profit, pro-democracy from a decolonizing point of view. [8]

Anyone with an email can register on the encyclopedia Regardless of country of origin, purpose Unlike Some wikis , not all of ecured’s items May be modified by the public. Pages can be “protected” for multiple reasons, including “to protect modifications of articles considered valuable, with a high [degree of] consensus, or with an elevated repercussion”. [9]

The site is available to all Internet users in Cuba , which is estimated at 1.6  million out of a total population of 11.2  million. [8]

The site is operated by Cuba’s Youth Computer Club, a company of the Ministry of Communications of Cuba.


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