Claybourne is a 1998 radio drama in 96 episodes with science fiction , supernatural thriller, and soap opera . The series was produced by Andrew Dubber and Belinda Todd of Pronoun Productions after the production of Ashley’s Worlds .


After a breakup, American Thompson is on holiday from his work for Koestler Industries and arrives in Claybourne. He starts to investigate the death of behavioral psychologist Helen, working for Koestler on a secret project with commercial as well as military applications. He teams up with Mata and Mike of the Te Whenua o Te Irirangi-people and local bartender Karen.


  • Jim McLarty as Thompson
  • William Davis as Mata
  • Angela Bloomfield as Karen
  • Bruce Allpress as Frank
  • Melwayne Edwards as Mike
  • Brenda Kendall as Edith
  • Robert Pollock as Phillip


The sound was designed by Andrew Dubber and Sean James Donnelly. The music was performed by Victoria Kelly and Joost Langeveld.

The show was designed with a story arc spanning a full year in mind, but was canceled after six months and ending the show on a cliffhanger . In 2006, Dubber sketched what he remembered of how the writers and producers imagined it may have continued. [1]

Airing and later release

The show aired four days a week just after 15:00 and with a repeat at 01:00.

Andrew Dubber later released the work under Creative Commons license ( by-nc 2.0 ) on Bandcamp as free download around 2006. [1]


Claybourne won “Best Dramatic Production of the Year” at the 1999 New Zealand Radio Awards .


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