Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Design rights, Trade Secret, Trademark, Trade Dress, Licensing & Royalty

CHAP1 – some accessory legal concepts
Constitutional law
Civil law (legal system)
Civil law (common law)
Common Law
Competition law
CHAP2 – Copyright
Copyright term
Indigenous intellectual property
Threshold of originality
Derivative work
Authors’ rights
Moral rights
Related rights
Sui generis database right
Software copyright
Integrated circuit layout design protection
Plant breeders’ rights
Collective copyright
Performance rights organization
Collective rights management
Copyright symbol
Digital rights management
Limitations and exceptions to copyright
Fair use
Fair dealing
Safe harbor
Copyright aspects of hyperlinking and framing
Web scraping
Legal aspects of file sharing
Trade group efforts against file sharing
Orphan works
Public domain
Perpetual copyright
CHAP3 – Industrial design rights
Industrial design right
CHAP4 – Patent
Glossary of patent law terms
Utility model
Design patent
Business method patent
Chemical patent
Software patent
Geographical indication
Patent thicket
Patent ambush
Patent pool
CHAP5 – Secret Trade
Trade Secret
CHAP6 – Trademark & ‚Äč‚ÄčTrade dress
Registered trademark symbol
Unregistered trademark
Hologram trademark
Trademark classification
Service mark
Service mark symbol
Trade dress
CHAP7 – License & Royalty
Compulsory license
Viral license
Reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing
CHAP8 – special concepts
Intellectual property
Libertarian perspectives on intellectual property
Freedom of information
Information wants to be free
Philosophy of copyright
All rights reversed
Free culture movement
Free content
Open content
Open data
Societal views on patents
Open patent
Free knowledge
Open knowledge
Access to knowledge movement
Open educational resources
Open access
Open publishing
Software patent debate
Open-source software
Free software
Alternative terms for free software
Free and open-source software
Business models for open-source software
CHAP9 – International purview & treaties on IP
International copyright treaties
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Intellectual Property Day
World Book Day
WIPO Copyright Treaty
WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
Berne Convention
Rome Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations
International Patent Classification
Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
Madrid system
Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks
World Trade Organization
TRIPS Agreement
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
Universal Copyright Convention
Buenos Aires Convention
All rights reserved
List of Copyright Acts
List of countries’ copyright lengths

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