Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Design rights, Trade Secret, Trademark, Trade Dress, Licensing & Royalty

CHAP8 – special concepts
Intellectual property
Libertarian perspectives on intellectual property
Freedom of information
Information wants to be free
Philosophy of copyright
All rights reversed
Free culture movement
Free content
Open content
Open data
Societal views on patents
Open patent
Free knowledge
Open knowledge
Access to knowledge movement
Open educational resources
Open access
Open publishing
Software patent debate
Open-source software
Free software
Alternative terms for free software
Free and open-source software
Business models for open-source software
CHAP10 – some noteworthy persons – group A
List of prolific inventors
Thomas Edison
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Hilary Rosen
CHAP11 – some noteworthy persons – group B
Richard Stallman
GNU Project
League for Programming Freedom
Free Software Foundation
Michael Tiemann
Keith Bostic
Linus Torvalds
Ian Murdock
Bruce Perens
Debian Free Software Guidelines
Software in the Public Interest
Brian Behlendorf
John Gilmore
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Lawrence Lessig
Stanford Center for Internet and Society
Creative Commons
Tim Berners-Lee
World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web Foundation
Tim O’Reilly
O’Reilly Media
Bob Young
Gabe Newell
Valve Corporation
CHAP12 – some noteworthy persons – group C
Eric S. Raymond
Open Source Initiative
Bill Joy
Larry Sanger
Jimmy Wales
Wikimedia Foundation
Mark Shuttleworth
Sergey Brin
Larry Page

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