Ashley’s Worlds was a mid-1990s radio comedy series in 100 episodes that was broadcast on 26 radio stations and described by its creators Andrew Dubber and Belinda Todd as a “cartoon for radio”. [1]


Domestic cat Ashley is transported, or “magiced”, into the kingdom of Catatonia, a world completely run by anthropomorphic cats, where he is mistaken for a spy and is thrown into the dungeon of the royal castle. He escapes with the uncouth scrapper Bishop and together with their self-proclaimed hostel Tobias they seek an audience with the princess hoping to resolve Ashley’s predicament.


  • Craig Parker as Ashley, a spoiled cat used to a nice patch of sunshine to sleep in and a house full of humans to pander to his every need. Prior to the transportation his most unpleasant experience involved with a cold thermometer and his most dangerous escapade was a slow flick of the tail coupled with a rather faster closing of the fridge door.
  • “Bishop the Bloodthirsty: Specializing in Assassinations, Intimidations and Small Wars.” No job too messy. ” Ashley’s unusual behavior first has Bishop suspect Ashley is “a crazy”.
  • David Weatherley as Tobias, a plump and ageing “aristo’cat ‘” of the noble Pussinbootle family
  • Belinda Todd as Tabitha, the visually impaired and self-centered princess and ruler of Catatonia, whose missing father, the king, was obsessed with discovering the ruins of the lost city Cataract, built by the magically adept ancients.
  • Merv Smith’s The Strange Old Cat

Ilona Rodgers , Beryl Te Wiata and Emmeline Hawthorne made guest appearances.


On average, each 3-5 minutes episode took around 16 hours to make. [2]

In January 2005, Dubber announced on his blog “The Wireless” that he had registered Ashley’s Worlds under a Creative Commons License (by-nc-sa 2.0) and seeded a torrent with the series. [3]

My stuff is a copy of this stuff. Digital archiving is about dissemination and propagating, not hoarding and hiding.

– Andrew Dubber, 2011. [2]

Producers Andrew Dubber and Belinda Todd would later produce the Claybourne radio series in 1998.


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