The Oxcars (stylized as OXcars or oXcars ) are a non-competitive ceremony held at Sala Apolo in Barcelona , Spain , in October each year. They are a public showcase that puts the spotlight on cultural creation and distribution carried out under the paradigms of shared culture. [1] Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. The award categories include: Music, Animation, Theater, Human Tools, Future Markets and Great Leftovers of …

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Open Hardware and Design Alliance

The Open Hardware and Design Alliance (OHANDA) aims at encouraging the sharing of open hardware and designs. The core of the project is a free online service where manufacturers of open hardware and designs can register their products with a common label. This label maps the four freedoms of Free Software to physical devices and their documentation. It is similar to a non-registered trademark for hardware …

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Open Source Judaism

Open-source Judaism [1] is a name given to initiatives within the Jewish community employing Open Source and open-source licensing strategies for collaboratively creating and sharing works about or inspired by Judaism. Open-source efforts in Judaism please use licensing strategies by qui contemporary products of Jewish Culture under copyright May be adopté, adapté, and Redistributed with credit and allocation accorded to the creators of thesis works. Often …

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Information wants to be free

” Information wants to be free ” is an expression that means that people should be able to access information freely. It is often used by technology activists to criticize laws that limit transparency and general access to information. People who criticize Intellectual Property law say the system of such government granted monopolies conflicts with the development of a public domain …

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Free textbook

A free textbook is a textbook that can be read, used, copied, modified and redistributed without any restrictions. The word free in the term free textbook refers to freedom (liberty) and is not related to monetary cost. A free textbook is released under a free license which ensures that people will read, use, copy, modify, and redistribute the textbook. The notion of a free textbook derived from a more general …

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CK-12 Foundation

The CK-12 Foundation is a California-based non-profit organization and its mission is to reduce the cost of, and increase access to, K-12 education in the United States and worldwide. [2] CK-12 provides free and fully customizable K-12 open educational resources . The foundation’s tools are used by 38,000 schools in the US, and other international schools. [2]

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