Little Brother (Doctorow novel)

Little Brother [1] is a novel by Cory Doctorow , published by Tor Books . It was released on April 29, 2008. [2] The novel is about four teenagers in San Francisco who, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and BART system, defend Themselves Against the Department of Homeland Security ‘S attacks on the Bill of Rights . The novel is available for free on the author’s website under a Creative Commons license ( CC …

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Homeland (Cory Doctorow novel)

Homeland is a novel by Cory Doctorow , published by Tor Books . It is a sequel to Doctorow’s earlier novel, Little Brother . It was published in hardback on February 5, 2013 and subsequently released [1] for download under a Creative Commons license on Doctorow’s website two weeks later on February 19, 2013. The novel includes two afterword essays by computer security researcher and hacker Jacob Appelbaum , and computer programmer …

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Everyone in Silico

Everyone in Silico is a 2002 post-cyberpunk novel written by Jim Munroe . It was promoted partly by Munroe ‘s attempt to invoice corporations in the novel for product placement . The title is an intentional reference to an advertising campaign Previously run by clothing retailer Gap , one of the companies Munroe feels to invoices. [1]

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